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Exploring New Frontiers for Workforce Development Programs (August 2013)

On August 8th and 9th, 2013, a group came together to discuss the “new frontiers for workforce development programs” at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.  Informed by Executive Function principles, the group participated in two days of learning and discussion, in an effort to innovate from evidence.

Below are materials from the sessions held during the two day meeting.

Background materials:
Defining and Measuring Executive Functions in Adults – Applications for Practice and Policy (Russell Carlock)
Central New Mexico Community College Financial Coaching Training Survey: Summary of Findings
Suggested Readings

Executive Skills

Meeting notes:
EF Workforce Meeting Notes

Executive Function 101
Impact of Poverty and Trauma on Development of the Brain (Dale Farran)
Executive Function from an Adult Perspective (Paul Rubenstein)
Building Nebraska Families Impacts
Using an Executive Function Lens to Improve Family Stability and Economic Mobility Outcomes (Crittenton Women’s Union)
New Haven MOMS Partnership
Personal Empowerment (Twin Cities RISE)