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Goal, Plan, Do, Review & Revise (GPDR/R) Materials

The GPDR/R is a framework that takes research on goal achievement and practical solutions developed by executive function experts for use primarily in schools and adapts them for use in job search and other human service programs. The GPDR/R framework makes explicit the strategies and steps that lead to successful goal achievement.

Materials: We have produced a manual (see document box to the right) that provides staff with information and tools to integrate the GPDR/R framework into their existing programs.  The manual includes information on the principles and concepts underlying the model, and materials for implementing GPDR/R inlcuding staff guides, participant tools and instructions for workshops and group activities.  The manual is available as a word document so that you can tailor the materials to fit the needs of your program.  The manual will be updated as we develop new materials.

If you have any questions about GPDR/R or would like to share your experience using the materials, please contact LaDonna Pavetti (