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Building an EF-Informed Workforce Program (July 2014)

Building an EF-Informed Workforce Program
Meeting, July 29-30, 2014
Logistics and Materials

Thank you for joining us in DC on July 29 and 30, 2014 to work on designing an EF-informed workforce program.

We will be posting follow up information here.

Link to the Powerpoints that we used during the meeting:
Powerpoints from D. Guare

Link to Meeting Notes
EF Job Search Meeting – Day 1
EF Job Search Meeting – Day 2

Link to EF Surveys
EF Skills Youth Survey
EF Skills Adult Survey
Please note that we are in the process of developing an adult survey that uses the style of the youth survey


Below are the previously released materials for preparation.

Most of the logistical and advance preparation information you need for the meeting is contained in this post.

Here you will find the following information:

  • Advance meeting prep
  • Logistics and other administrative details
  • Hotel
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Optional dinner on July 29th
  • Heading back to the airport
  • Attire
  • Logistics [Word] (This document was sent via email, as well)
  • Reimbursement Form for EF Job Search Work Group Meeting (Please see “Logistics and other administrative details” below for more information; this document was sent via email, as well)

IMPORTANT:  Please note – We have made hotel reservations for everyone who has indicated they will be attending the meeting.  If you do not need a hotel room, please let us know immediately so we can cancel your reservation.

Send any information you’d like to share on your program to

Advance meeting prep:
If you did not participate in the webinars by Silvia Bunge and Adele Diamond, we would suggest that you try and listen to them before the meeting.  If everyone has listened to them, we will all have a common set of basic knowledge about Executive Function in adults to draw upon.  If you only have time to listen to one of the webinars, we recommend listening to Silvia’s.  Adele’s talk followed her slides very closely so you can go through the slides instead of listening to the webinar, if that is easier for you.

Here are the links to the webinars and the slides:
Silvia Bunge
Adele Diamond

We would also suggest reading the article below written by Dick Guare who will be helping us to figure out how to design workforce programs that support the development of executive skills needed to succeed in finding and keeping a job.  The focus is on children but I think it is quite easy to see how the same principles and perspective can be applied to work with adults.  The article is not very long nor is it super technical.
Context in the Development of Executive Functions in Children, By Richard Guare (2014)

Optional readings:
Self-Efficacy as a Welfare-to-Work Goal: Emphasizing Both Psychology and Economics in Program Design, By Toby Herr & Suzanne L. Wagner (2003)

Beyond Barriers to Work: A Workforce Attachment Approach That Addresses Unpredictability, Halting Progress, and Human Nature, By Toby Herr & Suzanne L. Wagner (2007)

Logistics and other administrative details
I have attached a document specifying meeting and traveling logistics, a brief agenda,  and a form for your reimbursement expenses. We will reimburse you for the following expenses: (1) All travel expenses, including any ground transportation in your home location and in DC; and (2) Dinner on July 28th, if you arrive early, and dinner July 29th (up to a maximum of $25; we will not reimburse for alcohol).   We will also cover dinner and breakfast for the folks from the West Coast who need to stay an extra night.  We require receipts for all expenses.

The hotel is the Hilton Garden Inn located at 1225 First Street, NE, about an eight minute walk from the CBPP office. We have reserved a room and paid for everyone who requested accommodations. Just give the front desk your name when you arrive. Also, you should check out of the hotel before the start of the meeting on July 30th. Bring your bags to the office and we will place them in a secure room.  Directions to our office from the hotel are included in the attached  logistics memo.

There are several casual places to eat in the block where the hotel is located.  If you get in late and everything is closed, there is a grocery store in the same block as the hotel (Harris Teeter) that has lots of options for carryout.

Dietary restrictions
We will have a continental breakfast and sandwiches and salads for lunch. Please let us know before you arrive if you have any special dietary restrictions that will require a personal meal.

Optional dinner on July 29th
CBPP will host an optional dinner on July 29th at Todd Gray’s Watershed, the restaurant located inside the Garden Inn hotel. This will be an informal event and you are under no obligation to attend if you have or would like to make other plans.  Please let us know by Friday afternoon (July 25, 2014) if you plan to join us for dinner so we can make reservations.  If folks want to go out on their own, the Metro is just around the corner or you can get a cab from the hotel.  There are a few casual places to eat, but no other nicer restaurants within walking distance of the hotel.

A list of attendees is available (and was sent via email).  If you would like that document sent to you, please email  This is in case you want to try and make plans ahead of time to have dinner with someone who will be attending – it is a great group of folks!

Heading back to the airport
We will coordinate rides for you on the July 30th. We will just need you to provide your departure information on Tuesday when you come to the meeting.

The dress for this meeting is business casual. Summers in DC are hot and humid, but the air conditioning can be too cold for some people. Please dress accordingly.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  You can e-mail Rose or Ife

Information of Programs Attending
Crittenton Women’s Union
Mobility Mentoring and the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency
Mobility Mentoring Services
Using Brain Science to Design New Pathways Out of Poverty

The New Haven MOMs Partnership