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CAP Tulsa’s CareerAdvance® program is designed to help parents find their education and/or workplace path to success. While the early childhood education programs at CAP Tulsa have always served parents and children together, this new approach explicitly emphasizes parents’ educational attainment and opportunities for employment. CareerAdvance® offers coaching, education, training and job opportunities for CAP Tulsa, Educare and TANF parents with a focus on recipients with young children. Based on academic and social-emotional skill levels, participants are placed into one of four pathways:  Skill Ready, School Ready, College Bound or Career Bound. Our healthcare sector program, funded by the Health Professionals Opportunity Grant (HPOG), is a component within the Career Bound pathway. The object is for all participants to secure a good job with a family supporting wage and to help fill a critical workforce gap in the Tulsa economy.

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