Building Better Programs


AVANCE is a national nonprofit dedicated to providing innovative education and family support services to hard-to-reach families since 1973. Specifically dedicated to serving marginalized communities, AVANCE strives to empower families to break the cycle of poverty through a proven two-generation approach combining early childhood development and parenting education. At the core, AVANCE believes that a program providing culturally appropriate parenting education, empowerment, and community building with early childhood development services to hard-to-reach families can change the trajectory of children’s lives. AVANCE found that the key to healthy early childhood development is a two-generation approach that capitalizes on parents’ inner strength and innate love for their children to help them become the best teachers and stewards of their children’s growth and success.  Parental education alone is not enough; an effective intervention must build parents’ resilience, interpersonal connections, networks, and access to education, jobs and other opportunities. True parental engagement empowers parents to become advocates for their children and families.

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