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Crittenton Women’s Union Mobility Mentoring and the Bridge to Self Sufficiency

Mobility Mentoring® is a practice developed by the Crittenton Women’s Union.  It is defined as the professional practice of partnering with clients so that over time they may acquire the resources, skills, and sustained behavior changes necessary to attain and preserve their economic independence.

CWU’s work is based on its theory of change, the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency®, which details an individual’s journey from poverty to full economic self-sufficiency. Mobility Mentoring is the implementation platform for the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency.

CWU fully implemented Mobility Mentoring first in its pilot program, Career Family Opportunity, in 2009. CWU now applies its Bridge to Self-Sufficiency Assessment tool and Mobility Mentoring techniques throughout its programs and services.

Mobility Mentoring by Elizabeth Babcock