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The New Haven MOMS Partnership

The New Haven MOMS Partnership is a coalition led by mothers, community-based providers, local and state government, national partners and academic institutions committed to the vision and mission of maternal and child well-being. The MOMS Partnership not only focuses on helping mothers meet their basic needs, but also seeks to improve their mental health so that they can become better parents to their children and more active members of their community.  Community ambassadors, neighborhood residents hired to work for the project, recruit participants and work with mental health counselors to deliver an 8-week cognitive behavioral therapy intervention.  The project makes extensive use of incentives and has developed a cell phone app to keep mothers engaged in the project and with each other.  The Partnership is in the process of adding an employment component and is building a mental health and employment services center that will be located in the neighborhood grocery store.  The Partnership’s innovative strategies have led to high participation rates in the program.

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