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Crittenton Women’s Union’s Mobility Mentoring Services

CWU’s Mobility Mentoring® Services staff and programs promote economic independence among low-income women and their children by offering highly individualized basic skills training, education, and career guidance to homeless and stably housed low-income women and their families. Specially trained staff use CWU’s Bridge to Self-Sufficiency® and related tools to guide program participants through goal setting and self-assessment activities that determine clients’ optimal route to economic independence based on their unique circumstances. Program participants then set and attain personalized educational, financial and career-related goals that will lead them out of poverty.  They also receive a range of services to help develop the internal assets and life skills that are essential to achieve self-sufficiency.  This program provides a very well thought out theory of change that builds on what we have learned from brain science research about the importance of and how to develop executive function skills that serve as the foundation for achieving goals and being a successful adult.

Crittenton Women’s Union