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DC’s Redesigned TANF Program: A Tiered Model of Service Options

The District of Columbia redesigned its TANF program in 2011. The centerpiece of the TANF program, the TANF Universal Service Delivery Model, represents the District’s new person-centric program vision. Based upon a customer profile developed during an initial screening, the staff person conducting the initial screen determines the nature and scope of activities corresponding to the customer’s level of need and refers the customer to services within one of the three suites of services that best matches the customer’s current circumstance.  Individuals in Tier 1 are job ready and receive assistance finding employment.  Individuals in Tier 2 do not have significant employment barriers but may need additional work experience, remedial education or training to find employment.  Individuals in Tier 3 have significant employment barriers and are working on resolving those barriers.  If they are disabled, they receive assistance in applying for SSI.  The Tier 1 and 2 services are provided by contractors.

CBPP Webinar on DC’s TANF Redesign
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Program Materials (The RFPs include details on contractors’ expected operations, outcomes, and compensation structure)
DC’s Request for Proposals for Job Placement Services
DC’s Request for Proposals for Work Readiness and Placement Services

The Redesign of DC’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program

DC’s New Approach to the TANF Employment Program: The Promises & Challenges (From DC Fiscal Policy Institute)