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LaGuardia Community College’s GED Bridge to College and Careers Program

LaGuardia’s GED Bridge to College and Careers program is a promising new approach to GED instruction.  An evaluation conducted by MDRC finds encouraging results that show Bridge students are more likely than traditional GED students to complete the 18-week course, pass the GED exam, and enroll in college. Its goal is to better prepare students not only to pass the GED exam, but also to continue on to college and training programs. The Bridge program uses contextualized curriculum to prepare students to earn their high school diploma and transition to college, certificate training or the workplace. The program offers contextualized curricula for healthcare, business, and science careers.

CBPP Webinar on LaGuardia Community College’s Bridge Program
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LaGuardia Community College’s Bridge to College and Careers website

MDRC’s evaluation brief of the Bridge Program